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If you’re interested in starting a promotional products business, consider a franchise opportunity with Fully Promoted. As the world’s largest branded products and marketing franchise, we’re part of a multi-billion dollar industry with plenty of room for more businesses. 

8 Industries That Need Promotional Products

One of the best features of a Fully Promoted business is that we in the B2B category, meaning we work directly with other businesses more than consumers. This model helps keep us a recession-resistant franchise. In turn, we help other businesses grow with the products we create. 

Industries that need promotional products include: 

  • Professional
  • Non-profit/charity
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Restaurant
  • Banking
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas

You Can Help by Starting a Promotional Products Business

Our customers trust us to create outstanding products for them, whether it’s ballpoint pens or email campaigns. Fully Promoted provides all of the training and support necessary to become an expert to meet the needs businesses have grown to rely on.

We offer a wide range of products and services to help these industries. Some popular products include:

  • Pens: The most popular promotional product we offer; who doesn’t need a pen?
  • Notebooks: One of the longest-kept items due to its usefulness.
  • Clothing: A favorite with schools especially desirable to students.
  • Bags: A popular and widely used item — anywhere, any time. 

We also help with digital and print marketing plans. Fully Promoted franchisees work with clients to ensure they stay up-to-date on the latest trends, and by catering to businesses, you can enjoy repeat business. Our promotional products leave a stronger impact on consumers. We have clients in almost every industry, and we’re able to put a brand’s logo on just about anything.

How to Get Started

Fully Promoted makes the process of starting a promotional products business simple and effective. Our turnkey investment will have you supporting your community in no time at all. Businesses, athletic teams, colleges, and professional associations can become your clients and help your business grow. Our highly in-demand products help take these businesses to the next level. 

All of the equipment, hardware, software, fixtures, and furnishings are included with your store. We can help with real estate assistance, demographic studies, site selection, lease negotiation, and store build-out. Our 4-week training program will get you up-to-date on the industry and our proven business system and processes. Then, we’ll help market your business and set you up with everything you need for your grand opening. 

We have all of the resources you’ll need to get up and running smoothly and beyond. Contact us today!