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When you look at some of the things that entrepreneurs want out of a new business, you will see that the franchise model offers many of these things. Are franchisees entrepreneurs? Get the answer to that question—and more—below.

6 Reasons Franchising Attracts So Many Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur magazine put together a list of steps that first-time entrepreneurs need to take immediately to thrive.

The list includes steps like networking to connect with peers and finding the most effective methods of marketing and operating within your industry.

Franchises provide a ready-made business model

The article goes on to emphasize the importance of finding a functional business model that caters to the kinds of products and services that customers want, both now and in the future.

With Fully Promoted you’re getting the highest brand equity as a promotional marketing partner for all kinds of businesses. Furthermore, the promotional products industry is booming, generating tens of billions of dollars annually.

Franchises keep your skills sharp

In the Entrepreneur article mentioned above, first-time entrepreneurs are also encouraged to focus on continuing education in the form of mentorships, workshops, and seminars to keep their current skills razor-sharp and stay synced with industry best practice.

Guess what? All of the things just mentioned are offered by the franchise model in general and Fully Promoted in particular. Fully Promoted has partnered with the United Franchise Group for even more support, which means marketing and technical support are always available to franchisees.

When you invest in a franchise, you join a thriving business

This is probably the most important reason entrepreneurs cite for choosing a franchise over starting their own business from scratch.

When you sign a franchise agreement, you’re getting permission to use the branding, marketing, advertising, and operational practices of a thriving franchise with a proven business model and B2B market.

Investing with Fully Promoted gives you a lot of clout since Fully Promoted is ranked highly, according to Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 ranking, and brings more brand equity to bear than any other promotional marketing partner.

Franchises offer easier access to financing

Franchises offer easier access to financing and more predictable growth models than most sole proprietorships.

To obtain financing for a sole proprietorship, you might have to convince your family and friends, a private lender, or the Small Business Association that you have a sound business plan and growth model. That can be tricky.

Fully Promoted, by contrast, offers all investors a turkey investment that’s easy to understand and that private lenders feel confident about.

Franchises have a recession-proof business model

Like everybody else, entrepreneurs are concerned about maximizing their potential return and minimizing risk. Know that there’s an inherent risk reduction and quicker time to market when you go with franchising—and many franchises are virtually recession proof.

Fully Promoted is likely such a franchise since it operates in a B2B environment with a robust customer base to weather almost any economic conditions.

Think about it: All businesses need signs and promotional materials to get customers’ attention. In fact, businesses arguably invest in marketing collateral more heavily when there’s a slowdown in business because they’re trying to bring in more customers!

Online ordering and around-the-clock access to your Fully Promoted business means that you win with other businesses.

Franchises enable your to pinpoint target markets and give you support

As a Fully Promoted franchisee, you’ll receive help from franchise area developers in finding the ideal target market in your area and constant attention with respect to training, hiring, and ongoing support.

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