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One of the first questions that people interested in joining the Fully Promoted team ask is: How big is the opportunity?

The answer is that Fully Promoted is the largest branded products franchise in the world because it offers such an array of customizable branded products and marketing services.

It doesn’t hurt that Fully Promoted is regularly placed within Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 list of top franchises in the country and recently received best-in-category honors from that same publication.

Fully Promoted has over 300 resource centers in the United States, Canada, and Australia so that franchisees can efficiently meet their customers’ evolving needs. The franchising opportunities are abundant and growing.

FAQ #1: Can Fully Promoted help any kind of business with its branding?

Most likely yes. Fully Promoted franchisees are operating within a business-to-business franchise model since franchisees are primarily helping other businesses maximize their marketing.

This means that Fully Promoted works with virtually any commercial customer—such as hospitals, schools, banks, local restaurants, and clubs—that needs better branding.

Part of this flexibility comes from the broad training and support that Fully Promoted investors receive, including an intensive two-week initial training session.

FAQ #2: Will I receive ongoing training and support if I decide to invest?

You absolutely will. Your first two weeks of intensive training will take place at the United Franchise Group’s World Headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida, so you can understand the franchising opportunities ahead.

After your initial training, you’ll receive an additional three weeks of hands-on training at your Fully Promoted location.

Startup support is informed by demographic studies and includes lease negotiation assistance and recommendations from marketing experts. The ongoing support that you’ll receive will come in the form of regional staff support, access to 24/7 online support, and technical assistance if you get stuck.

FAQ #3: Is online ordering possible (and convenient) for my customers?

Another factor that allows you to address the needs of many different kinds of customers is the fact that you’ll work with Fully Promoted team members to find the products and services that you want to offer in your online shop.

This streamlines the customer experience and allows businesses to place custom orders online without having to visit your physical Fully Promoted location. This accommodates the average business owner’s busy schedule.

Screen printing is a hugely flexible medium for branding all kinds of apparel and other promotional products. Your customers can go online and have their logo printed on mugs, pens, T-shirts, and various other kinds of apparel from the comfort of their own workspace.

FAQ #4: How easy is the Fully Promoted investment?

Since Fully Promoted is a total turnkey investment, you’ll have all the hardware and equipment you need for your business from Day 1.

Also included in the investment are fixtures, furnishings, and software that will allow you to use the Fully Promoted online system to keep track of sales and understand your customers more deeply.

Your one-time franchise fee will go toward things like branding and acquisition costs while helping you defray broad operational expenses. Most investors find the liquidity and net worth requirements extremely reasonable.

FAQ #5: Do the franchising opportunities at Fully Promoted include digital marketing?

That’s a great question. The answer is that, yes, you’ll be offering digital marketing assistance to other businesses in addition to screen printing on a variety of apparel and promotional products.

Social media marketing, SEO, and lead generation are big concerns for local businesses, and with Fully Promoted you’re in a position to help your customers thrive. For more information, contact Fully Promoted today!

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