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People are following their entrepreneurial dreams by investing in a franchise within a growing industry. If you are considering investing in a franchise, it is important to research the different industries and determine which is your best fit. For example, Fully Promoted is part of a $20 billion industry, which continues to grow exponentially. Here are four advantages of starting a franchise instead of starting a business, especially in the promotional products and marketing services franchise industry.

1. Brand Recognition

A very important distinction between opening a franchise over starting your own business is that with a franchise, you have the opportunity to attract customers with a brand name that has already been established. Fully Promoted is a well-known promotional products franchise nationwide that has established credibility in the industry. This is why when searching for a franchise in the promotional products and marketing services franchise industry, more people choose Fully Promoted.

2. Business Model

Another key benefit to starting a franchise instead of opening your own business is that you do not have to create your own business model. Most franchise brands have established a business model for all their franchisees. Fully Promoted is a little different, however, because our business model is actually a turnkey business model. This means that it adjusts to fit the specific franchise instead of forcing the franchises to adjust to the model. Fully Promoted has made it easy for franchisees to focus on other matters to do with a promotional product business.

3. Training

More entrepreneurs are starting franchises over small businesses because with a franchise, there is more training than there is when you open a small business. Most of the time, if you are opening a small business you will receive no training. Fully Promoted makes sure their franchisees have enough training to operate their business in the promotional products and marketing services franchise industry.

With Fully Promoted, you will receive two weeks of industry and franchise training at our headquarters in Florida, followed by three weeks of hands-on training in a Fully Promoted franchise. This all takes place before you even set foot in your own franchise.

4. Support

Following our training program, we offer our franchisees ongoing support throughout their franchise journey. Our 24/7 support system is designed to help franchisees with any questions that may arise over the course of our franchise relationship. Even before our training, we provide our franchisees with tools they need to operate their businesses. For example, we have created target markets that are designed for our investing franchisees to choose a great location.

If you would like more information about the advantages of starting a franchise or Fully Promoted, check out our resource library!