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Franchising is a great solution for entrepreneurs who are looking to open their own business. By helping to eliminate some of the hassles and pitfalls that come with starting a new business from scratch, franchising is an exciting option. If you’re interested in running an embroidery business, consider franchising with Fully Promoted. Here are some of the key steps to franchising with us.

Reviewing the FDD and signing your agreement

At least 14 days before you’re scheduled to sign your franchise agreement, you’ll be given a copy of your franchise disclosure document (FDD) to review. The FDD includes everything you need to know about the intricacies of our business- from how many locations we operate to their performance overall. It will also give you all the details on your obligations (and ours!) once you agree to become a franchisee. You’ll want to review this document carefully with an attorney.


You’ll take part in an extensive training program designed to teach you everything you’ll need to know once you open your doors. You’ll spend two weeks at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida where you’ll learn all about our brand and how to manage your business. Then you’ll take part in three further weeks of training right in your own location! Our experts will help you to set up your store, provide valuable marketing help, and prepare you to open your doors.


After the grand opening, you’ll implement everything you learned in your training as you begin to run your business. We will continue to support you remotely as you train your team, begin producing products, and learn to manage your store. After your opening, you’ll grow your business as a valuable member of the Fully Promoted family. We’ll continue to provide you with support to ensure the viability of your business as you establish yourself in your community.

These are just a few key steps in the franchising process when you work with Fully Promoted. Of course, there are many details to attend when you open any new business. As you get yours off the ground, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

To learn more about the steps to franchising with Fully Promoted, reach out to us now.