San Diego, California
Why Franchise in San Diego?

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that will let you be your own boss without sacrificing the support that comes from an established and proven business model? Fully Promoted is the investment for you! At Fully Promoted, you will be able to combine your own business skills with our turnkey business to open and operate a thriving franchise! And San Diego is the perfect city in which to get started, with its strong local economy and invaluable network of business support resources. Keep reading for more details about why investing in a franchise in San Diego is a smart way for you to get started on your career as a business owner.

Thriving Economy

As you are looking into making an investment, it’s important to understand the economy of the city in which you are investing. Rest easy knowing that San Diego has a strong and thriving economy, as evidenced by its ranking at #68 on Forbes’ list of the two-hundred best places for business and careers. San Diego is also in the top fifty cities for job growth, and as such, the unemployment rate has remained lower than the national average by at least one full percentage point. San Diego is growing in population as well, with over 4,000 people moving to the city in 2014. Your San Diego franchise will enjoy this growing and thriving local economy, as all of these indicators work together to create a strong foundation on which you can build and grow your business.

Business Support Network

When you are looking into opening a franchise in San Diego, one of the things to consider is the level of corporate support you can expect from the company with which you are investing. At Fully Promoted, we take great pride in offering our franchise owners top-of-the-line support and training for the life of their businesses. We know that our franchise owners’ successes are our successes, which is why we take great care to help our franchisees with training, management, marketing, and more. An additional perk of opening a Fully Promoted franchise is our corporate negotiating power; we help our franchise owners negotiate lease and utility agreements in ways that you would not be able to do on your own. Because we are an established business, we can have more sway with those things.

In addition to the amazing support that you will receive from corporate, your San Diego franchise will also benefit from the many resources that the city has available to you. The San Diego Economic Development Department (EDD) has a team dedicated to attracting new businesses to the city as well as helping existing businesses grow. They achieve this through a variety of tax and financial incentives—such as custom created technical permit incentives—that make San Diego an inexpensive place to do business.

Additionally, a separate faction of the EDD works directly with businesses to help with research, site selection, permits, financing, tax incentives, and more. Your San Diego franchise stands to gain by taking advantage of these resources that the city provides for free or a low cost.

The time to invest is now! A Fully Promoted franchise in San Diego can benefit from the strong local economy and the myriad of resources available to business owners. If you are ready to be your own boss, click this LINK to learn the first step in opening a Fully Promoted franchise in San Diego, and get started on your dream today.