Why Invest in a San Bernardino Franchise?

Fully Promoted is the branded products and marketing services franchise that is sweeping the nation, and we are looking for someone smart and driven to open our newest franchise in San Bernardino, California!

San Bernardino has everything a franchise owner needs to open and operate a thriving business. The city’s strong economy creates the perfect backdrop for a branded products franchise to build and grow. In addition, San Bernardino is home to a valuable network of business support resources, dedicated to helping small businesses thrive.

If you are tired of working for someone else, keep reading to learn why investing in a Fully Promoted franchise in San Bernardino is the way to work for yourself instead.

San Bernardino, California

The Inland Empire

When you invest in a franchise in San Bernardino, you are investing in a growing community that values small businesses. As part of the Inland Empire—a region in Southern California known for comparatively low costs of living and doing business—San Bernardino is poised to grow with the rest of the region.

Indeed, according to recent reports, San Bernardino and the rest of the Inland Empire is in the top three regions of California for growth, as of 2015. Indeed, only San Francisco and San Jose are growing faster than San Bernardino and its surrounding area.

This economic growth is great news for a branded products franchise. A growing population brings with it new businesses and organizations, which are all potential clients of a Fully Promoted franchise.

Business Development Resources

In an effort to help the region keep expanding, the Inland Empire has its very own Small Business Development Center, or SBDC. The SBDC is dedicated to providing resources and assistance to small business owners in San Bernardino and the surrounding area.

Your Fully Promoted franchise can benefit from the expert advice at the SBDC. Not only do the business advisors there understand running small businesses, but they can offer advice specific to owning a business in San Bernardino, giving you an inside view into this community.

Some of the things that the SBDC can help your franchise with include:

  • Training on business related topics
  • Consulting with industry professionals
  • Learning marketing and advertising techniques
  • Updating licenses and permits

​There is no time to waste. The expansion in San Bernardino is happening now, and you can join in this exciting new business climate! Learn more about our franchise opportunity and get started on your dream of owning a business right away.