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Fully Promoted: A Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity

Fully Promoted is seeking an ambitious self-starter to become the latest custom apparel franchise owner in Salem, Oregon! Are you ready for the freedom that comes from being your own boss? Fully Promoted is a turnkey franchise opportunity with a low startup cost and a unique fit in the market. Fully Promoted is sure to be a hit in Salem, with its enviable location and dedication to improving the city. Read on to learn just some of the many reasons why Fully Promoted and Salem are a match made in heaven.
Salem, Oregon

Location, Location, Location

Salem is as centrally located as it gets. Located evenly an hour from both Portland and the Pacific, Salem provides easy access to all parts of Oregon. More than 70% of Oregon’s population is within an easy drive from Salem, making it one of the largest labor markets in the state. That easy driving distance provides businesses a large hiring pool as well as an enormous customer base. Indeed, Salem is home to over 163,000 people with a labor force of nearly 77,000. As the population grows, jobs are growing along with it, with 5.74% job growth in 2014.

Indeed, this large labor force creates great industry diversity. With a total of 7,267 businesses, Salem has representatives from a myriad of industries. The five biggest industries in 2015 are:

  • Retail
  • Health Care/Social Services
  • Accommodation/Food Services
  • Other–repair, personal care, laundry, religious, etc.
  • Public Administration

The work that a Fully Promoted franchise does–namely branding, custom apparel, promotional products, marketing services, and screen printing–accommodates all of these industries and more. Every business can utilize Fully Promoted’s services, making this business a no brainer.

City Development

As a city, Salem is dedicated to ongoing improvement projects. A city that improves its infrastructure, city centers, roads, and neighborhoods is always a good city to do business in, merely because these actions prove its commitment to its residents’ successes.

One of the major projects that Salem is undergoing is the Willamette River Greenway Plan. This plan has some major goals for updating and improving the Willamette River area within the Salem city limits. This plan hopes to simultaneously preserve the natural ecosystems of the river and to make this area available to the average Salem resident. As part of the plan, commercial spaces will be zoned in order to take advantage of the increased traffic to the area. The overall goal of the Willamette River Greenway plan is to find a balance of nature, recreation, commerce, and living in order to make this space a treasure for Salem to enjoy for years to come.

Salem, with its vibrant economy and constantly improving community, is the perfect place to start a Fully Promoted franchise. Fully Promoted is one of the best franchise opportunities and Salem is just the place to take advantage. To find out how to start your Fully Promoted franchise right away, follow this LINK.