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Fully Promoted: A Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity

Fully Promoted is seeking an ambitious investor to become the latest franchise owner in Portland, Oregon. Fully Promoted is one of the largest branded products and marketing services franchises in the United States. Businesses in every industry utilize Fully Promoted for help with their branding, and Portland is a growing economy with a myriad of business branding options for a Fully Promoted franchise owner. As Portland’s economy continues to grow, the Fully Promoted franchise opportunity is the perfect fit for this dynamic city.
Portland, Oregon

Job Growth

The city of Portland is dedicated to economic success. In the past few years, the city has implemented a strategy to increase jobs in the city and thereby decrease income inequality. This plan estimates that the city will add 520,000 new jobs by 2035. By that same year, the goal is to have 27% of the region’s new jobs in Portland rather than in the surrounding cities. In order to accomplish this, Portland is making efforts to utilize the relatively new Green Innovation industry. Portland is already focused on sustainability, so the Green industry is an obvious fit in the city. This growing industry should help Portland succeed in its job growth goal by 2035.

A Sustainable City

Indeed, sustainability is such an important thing for Portlanders that the city government has an office with the express purpose of helping businesses adopt sustainable and green practices. The Sustainability at Work webpage has links with information about composting and recycling at work, as well as free printables (in five different languages) detailing what can and cannot be recycled and composted.

In addition, the Sustainability at Work office has a program entitled “Green Your Business” which matches businesses with sustainability advisors. These advisors get to know the business and its culture, provide ideas and strategies for adopting green practices, and give access to resources to improve efficiency and conserve resources at the workplace. These advisors also assess businesses’ water, waste, energy, and transportation practices, then provide ideas and tools to improve where there needs improvement.

Rose City Rollers

As if you needed another reason to invest in Portland, check out the city’s roller derby league, the Rose City Rollers. This league features four home teams–one of which is nationally ranked—two travel teams, and a junior league, all of which play bouts year round. There is also a youth league for girls ages 7-12 and a recreational exercise league, with the appropriate name “The Wreckers.” In addition to being an excellent opportunity for your Fully Promoted franchise to create custom apparel, the Rose City Rollers are a fun way to spend an evening in Portland.

The time to invest is now! Fully Promoted is a turnkey business with a low upfront franchise cost and a proven business model. A custom branded products business would thrive in Portland with its diverse and growing economy. If you’re ready to start your dream of owning your own business, follow this link to find out how to start a Fully Promoted franchise right away.