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Own a Franchise in Nebraska’s Star City

Fully Promoted is excited to announce the latest franchise opportunity in Lincoln, Nebraska! Lincoln is an amazing city to do business in because of its commitment to providing resources to business owners and residents alike. In addition, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is an intellectual powerhouse for the city, bringing bright minds to do research at this prestigious institution. At Fully Promoted, we strive to provide our franchisees with the kind of resources and support that the city of Lincoln offers its citizens, which is why we think investing in Lincoln will be a perfect fit for our award winning company.
Lincoln, Nebraska

Resources for Business Owners

In an effort to stimulate growth and economic diversity, Lincoln established an Urban Development Department, or UDD. The UDD is responsible for establishing Tax Incremental Financing (TIF), which is a program that incentivizes businesses to open, relocate, or build in certain parts of the city. TIF areas are prone to low employment, building deterioration, unimproved land, or population decline. This state-approved program is designed to stimulate investment and create jobs in these areas by offering a tax reimbursement for expenses related to opening or relocating a business.

City Development

Lincoln is equally interested in improving the lives of its residents as it is in encouraging business. The Community Development Division was created to improve the quality of life of the city’s low- to middle-income residents as well as to redevelop areas that positively impact the community as a whole. Most of the funding the CDD receives is from federal sources, and is therefore designated to improving low- to middle-income housing situations and public spaces in those same areas, such as parks and commercial spaces.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Consistently ranked one of the top fifty public universities by the US News and World Report, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, or UNL, is a beacon of education in Lincoln. This school, one of the first west of the Mississippi to award doctoral degrees, attracts students and amazing minds from all over the world, keeping the population of Lincoln both diverse and well-educated. As a premier research university, with nearly $300 million in annual research expenditures, UNL has pioneered in the fields of ecology and psychology while simultaneously maintaining an interest in and commitment to the arts. UNL boasts both the first undergraduate psychology lab in the world and a world-class art museum, the Sheldon Museum of Art.

Lincoln’s commitment to keeping its economy, residents, and university at the peak of success mirrors Fully Promoted’s business model: we provide ongoing support and training to our franchisees in order to keep their businesses running smoothly. We strive to give the best support to our franchisees so that they can continue to give the best products to our customers. If you’re ready to own your own business while enjoying the support of a proven business model, click this LINK to find out how to start a Fully Promoted franchise.