Why invest in a Lafayette franchise?

Fully Promoted is excited to announce the newest franchise opportunity in Lafayette, Indiana! Lafayette is an exciting city with an exceptional economy, a dedication to citywide improvements, and a prestigious university. At Fully Promoted we take great pride in being the top in the industry; that’s why we want great owners and locations for our franchises. Lafayette has everything a new franchise owner might want. Keep reading for more details about this vibrant city.
Lafayette, Indiana

Strong Local Economy

When you open a franchise in Lafayette, you can feel rest assured that the economy has all the right indicators for small business success. West Lafayette and Lafayette make up the key economic and education center of Indiana, which is part of the reason Forbes named Lafayette #2 on its list of the Best Small Places for Business and Careers. Additional factors in Forbes’ choice were undoubtedly the low cost of living (11.1% lower than the national average) and the low unemployment rate (almost 2% lower than the national average). These economic factors indicate that a franchise in Lafayette has all the chances for a thriving franchise.

Purdue University

Owning a business in a college town is a smart business move. Your Lafayette franchise will benefit from a large labor pool of both students and graduates. Indeed, because Purdue and other universities and colleges are in the Lafayette area, the college attainment rate in Lafayette is much higher than average. Forbes ranked Lafayette as #30 out of 200 cities for education. In addition, Purdue alone employs well over fifteen thousand people, which can account in part for the low unemployment rate in the city. As an owner of a franchise in Lafayette, having a well-employed customer base is key to your business’s success.

Lafayette has such a strong economy and works to take care of its population, which is what makes it such a great city for opening a business. At Fully Promoted, we want our franchise owners to have all the options for a thriving business, which is why we want a franchise in Lafayette. This vibrant city has so much to offer one of our franchise owners. If you’re ready to become your own boss, click this LINK to find out the next step in opening a franchise in Lafayette.