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Fully Promoted: A Low-Cost Franchise Opportunity

Fully Promoted is thrilled to announce the latest franchise opportunity in Eugene, Oregon! Fully Promoted is seeking an ambitious self-starter to invest in this turnkey business. Eugene is just the place for a franchise to get started because of its strong community that’s constantly aimed at bettering itself. Read on for just some of the many reasons why Eugene is an ideal fit for this low cost franchise opportunity.
Eugene, Oregon

A Sustainable City

Eugene’s city government and citizens are committed to maintaining a sustainable city. According to the city website, “A sustainable community is one that meets its present environmental, economic, and social needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” With this motto in mind, Eugene has implemented myriad green practices for work, home, and public spaces. The city’s Sustainability Commission was started in 2007 and is consistently working toward proposing and adopting measurable sustainable practices in order to ensure a healthy community now and in the future.

City Improvement Projects

Eugene is dedicated to consistently making itself better in every way. The city is constantly revitalizing neighborhoods, fixing roads, and updating infrastructure. These improvements trickle into every aspect of the city. As part of these endeavors, the city provides incentives and loans to home and business owners who wish to revitalize their spaces or build in certain areas. One such program is the Downtown Revitalization Loan Program, which provides flexible loans to building owners in certain sections of Downtown Eugene.

These loans can be used to improve accessibility, renovate buildings, preserve historical aspects, improve tenant spaces, and much more. This is only one of many such projects the city of Eugene has to offer its residents and business owners. Any city this dedicated to self-improvement will welcome the addition of a custom apparel franchise such as Fully Promoted.


o, we’re not talking about the weather, even though Eugene gets more rainy days per year than the average U.S. city. RAIN, or the Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network, is a partnership between the University of Oregon and the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce. RAIN seeks to improve the local economy by combining government, higher education, and the business community to create jobs and aid entrepreneurial and business growth. This consortium, combined with the city of Eugene’s Business Development fund–a program that stimulates investment through providing loans to new and existing businesses–is helping Eugene’s economy continue to grow as unemployment lowers and private investment increases.

There’s no time to wait to invest in Fully Promoted. This turnkey business opportunity will fit in Eugene as businesses continue to grow. All businesses utilize branding, and Fully Promoted is the top branded products franchise in the United States, making Fully Promoted and Eugene the perfect fit. All that’s missing is you to make the investment toward your future career.