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Franchise Opportunity in Chico, California


Why Invest in a Chico Franchise?

If you are looking for a franchise opportunity in Chico, California, look no further than Fully Promoted! This branded products and marketing services franchise is a great fit for Chico, with its strong economy, many small businesses, and university presence. In addition, Chico is home to a network of business resources that can benefit your franchise in more ways than one.

Keep reading to learn more about investing in this exciting city!

Chico, California

Ideal Economy for a Franchise

Though Chico is a relatively small town, its economy is vibrant and strong. Indeed, a big contributor to the city’s economy is the University of California, Chico. Not only is UC Chico a major employer and population driver in Chico, but its contributions to the city economically, culturally, and educationally are incalculable.

Recent economic growth—specifically in retail shopping in downtown Chico—has contributed to the city’s high rate of job growth. Indeed, Chico is in the top fifty small cities for job growth, according to a list by Forbes. Growing jobs is great news for a small business, as that indicates that the economy and population are growing as well.

Resources for Business Owners

When you open a small business in Chico, you will have a variety of resources at your disposal to help you along the way. For one thing, Fully Promoted provides all our franchise owners with extensive training and ongoing support for the lives of their businesses.

In addition to the resources from Fully Promoted, Chico’s Small Business Development Center, or SBDC, is an extremely helpful support for small businesses and franchises in Chico. The SBDC helps small businesses with a number of aspects of business ownership, including:

  • Planning your business
  • Strategizing for growth
  • Managing employees
  • Developing bookkeeping and time management strategies
  • Finding investors and funding

The assistance from the SBDC can help even the most experienced manager or business owner improve their skills.

Chico has so much to offer a branded products franchise that the decision to invest there is an easy one. Learn more about our franchise opportunity and get started on your dream of owning your own franchise today!